Data center cooling

AQUILON: a technology specifically designed to meet the challenges of data center cooling

The Aquilon technology is one of the few on the market to effectively address the challenges of data center cooling, contributing to a significant decrease in:

  • Energy consumption and, consequently, costs
  • Risks related to the operational continuity of the servers
  • Difficulties related to an increasingly restrictive regulation management that requires a phasing out of some synthetic refrigerants

Its performance relies upon the combination of 6 key components providing high-energy efficiency, superior reliability, increased security, simplified operation and maintenance, and environmental respect:

The AQUILON system, currently operational in dozens of data centers, has demonstrated a capacity to run in free-cooling mode for more than 90% of the year in some territories, in addition to lowering energy consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional systems. With several operational units and a demonstration phase of more than 4 years, the technology was thoroughly tested to meet the cooling challenges for North American data centers.

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